Mobile Vinyl Installation Services - Our installation team is ready to travel with tools to your location and carefully install your advertising graphics. We have several years of experience installing for Bay Area sign shops and other businesses. We have installed many different types of window graphics and full wraps, using premium materials and economy materials.


Manufacturing Services - We are frequently producing bulk decals and wrap materials for our clients. Vinyl materials can be made with vinyl printers, vinyl cutters, or a combination of both. Printing is a preferred method for highly developed design which needs to perform well visually at a close distance, but it is not an economical option. Racing cars are designed to perform visually at speed, as seen from the grandstands. This means that a lower level of detail is preferred, and vinyl cutting works very well to save material expense and produce a bold, clean, and attractive look.


Vehicle Blueprinting and Sign Writing Services - Once your final approved design is ready, our mission is to make sure your logos and graphics will fit your vehicle properly without issues. There are challenges in quality and design involved while wrapping a three dimensional vehicle with a two dimensional material, however this process is our specialty. The process of sign writing involves "pre-flight" work to ensure that your approved design will be manufactured correctly to scale. 


Design Services - Wolf Vinyl provides logo design and livery design services. The beginning of every design project involves a piece of initial concept artwork. The chosen medium (physical or digital) and the level of detail is not important to at least have a start on your project. Concept artwork will contain the theme or basic idea of what you have in mind. We can provide you with design services from beginning to end, however the initial concept phase can easily become the most time consuming step. In order to expedite your project and reduce the overall cost, please work with the designer of your choosing to provide us with your initial concept artwork. We look forward to working with you.